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sun shining through trees with orange leaves

Let’s Learn About: The Importance of Sun Safety

For many of us, winter is ending and the days are getting longer. This means that we are getting more sun! As nice as the sunshine is, and as good as it makes us feel, the sun can also harm our skin if we’re not careful. I’m going to share some negative effects the sun […]

laptop half closed with rainbow light emitting

My Three Day Digital Detox

Anytime I hear people talking about doing a digital detox, I get so curious as to how and why they go about this. Then I remember that I technically do a digital detox every week for religious reasons and I’m an expert at it! This past weekend I ended up doing a three-day digital detox. […]

woman with laptop and dumbbell on yoga mat

Let’s Get Physical: Dance Workout Challenge

For my research class this semester, my classmates and I are running a study on the physical activity landscape for millennials and gen Z during the pandemic. As we were developing our questions for our questionnaire, I realized I’m not technically eligible to answer because I don’t do physical activity, aside from walking. As much as I want […]

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